Pixel Gun 3d Hack

This game is one of the most addictive games of all time especially when you play with friends or people all over the world. But, if you are one of those people that are tired of losing all the time in this game then we have a solution for you.

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Introducing the latest pixel gun 3d hack gems and coin generator Beta 1.2. This is the latest hack developed by the True Generation team and could help you increase your pixel gun 3d hack gems and coins in no time to beat the competition. This pixel gun 3d hack has been put through the test for the past several months and can help give you a boost to the competition.

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Now we know that the coins are the primary currency of the game which can be used for buying several things like resources and items from the in game shop. This pixel gun 3d hack can help you generate coins at a faster rate so you can get items like the ammunition, hats, skins, arm, pets etc.


Gems are the special type of currency and using this pixel 3d gun hack beta version 1.2 with the coin and gems generator will help solidfy your chance at acquiring more of the more powerful things like the weapons and the many gears that the game has to offer.

Now the tickets generator are still in the alpha stage of this pixel gun 3d hack generator. This won’t be released until roughly 2 more months. Along with the tickets are the keys which are also in the alpha stage of the pixel gun 3d hack.

Now this pixel gun 3d hack was invented by the True Generation team because we understand that millions of people can not afford to play this game and may be to busy because of school or work. Only people that can speed up the process in the game are people that can afford to buy the coins and ultimately end up beating everyone in the game because they are just overpowering the competition due to the “real money” they have. That is why pixel 3d gun hack has been invented to generate multiple coins and gems for people that may be in need of a boost.

Now keep in mind, this pixel 3d gun hack is still in the Beta 1.2 stage and will need your help to report any errors you may encounter. We have developed an advanced algorithm to prevent any kind of account banned as this has been thouroughly tested for the past year. Everything has been encrypted to throw the servers off that can detect this as a cheat.

Yes, this is a cheat and we only plan to keep this at a down low. Only a certain number of people can use this pixel gun 3d hack and we are limiting it to only 1,000 players out of the 500,000 current active players so that the game community will not find out that this is a cheat. As of now there are currently 102 players active on our pixel gun 3d hack system. This has been proven effective and we plan to keep this a secret.

Features of pixel gun 3d hack:

1.) Generates coins throughout the day and may be limited to a certain hour a day , but nevertheless these are unlimited coins generating at a fast rate.
2.) Generates gems , meaing you will get an unlimited amount of gems just by running this pixel 3d gun hack generator.
3.) Works accross all android and ios devices.
4.) Just fire up the pixel gun 3d hack application and follow the instructions.
5.) Remember this pixel gun 3d hack will only be limited to 1000 people.

We suggest you download this pixel gun 3d hack now before the time runs out as this release has been newly developed by the True Generation team. Happy hacking everyone!