Does Your AC Need A Repair Service?

You may find that your AC does not work optimally or does not produce cold air. Even after checking, the AC is clean. Is this a sign that you need air conditioning repair singapore? If you find a home air conditioner that has been treated and cleaned but still does not work optimally, you should not need to be confused. Your AC is clean but it doesn’t optimally may occur because the pressure of the freon is less or even exhausted. The step you can do is to check the freon gas pressure on the air conditioner. Try to install the manifold on the paste so that the freon in the outdoor unit is removed. After that, check again whether there is still pressure or even the pressure runs out to zero.

If after you check there is still pressure, perhaps the AC performance that is not optimal occurs because the freon is lacking. Don’t worry because this is normal. The cause could be a leak or a loss. The anticipation step you take is to tighten all the bolts and add pressure to the freon. You must make sure the type of freon is the same as AC. Not only that, see the maximum ampere limit or the power of the AC compressor engine.

If you check the manifold needle and show zero, then you can be sure that the AC performance is not optimal due to the exhausted freon pressure. This is what you need to watch out for. If the freon pressure is exhausted it may occur due to leakage in the indoor evaporator, installation pipes, outdoor condensers, the existing ones in the outdoor or attach the pipe connections that lead to the indoor. To overcome this, you have to really make sure which part has a leak. After that, refill the freon until it’s full.

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