Some Types of Lights

Every house needs light, both natural sunlight and light coming from a lamp. So from that, the lamp is one of the most important factors when the night falls. Before buying a lamp you need to pay attention to the type of lamp, the level of light and its security. Here are the types of lights that you need to know. You can visit our website to get h11 led bulb headlight.

1. Incandescent Bulb

This type of lamp produces light by heating a thin filament that is in the center of the inside of the bulb. Heating is done until it reaches a temperature that makes it glow. As a result, this type of bulb uses most of its energy to produce heat, not light. Therefore, filaments burn faster and are damaged.

2. Neon lights

Neon lights use electric power to stimulate the evaporation of Mercury which produces UV waves. This process causes phosphorus to glow and produce a blinding light. Less ideal as lighting at home because exposure to light that is too bright and contains mercury can damage the health of the eyes and skin.

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