These Are Good Tips To Make Excellent Training Videos

Too many people tend to want to jump straight to the fun part – Shooting, and not working with scripts, storyboards, shooting sheets or some other type of planning video production. This will actually waste a lot of time and not inform something to the audience well, the important points are not answered and less regularly discussed. Meanwhile, call the best video production singapore when you want to make an excellent training video for your new employees.

Follow the same format for each video you make, especially if it is serialized.
Make a script, even though it is a list of bullet points from the steps described.
Read the script “hard”. understand that the spoken word is different from reading the written word.
Prepare a list in scripts for all props or tools needed and make a table to use when you need it.

Make a complete short video

People have a short attention span now, especially for internet videos. There are many temptations that make them “run away” from your video. If the Training Video contains simple techniques, make 2 to 5 minutes. If video training requires more skill and involvement, make a maximum of 30 minutes With a duration of 30 minutes or more, it breaks into several segments of 3 to 5 minutes each. Give “breath” to the audience among the segments. If your video requires a duration of more than 30 minutes, it breaks into two or more parts (episodes).

Audio Is Very Important

With poor audio quality, the unattractive training video seems to “grumble” like a broken cassette. Some people still don’t understand, the audience will forgive your training video with poor audio quality, but they will leave it because of poor audio. Use Mic. Use Mic. Use Mic. Always use an external microphone, don’t use the microphone built in your laptop installed on the webcam to make a presentation on the training video. Audio quality is very important for Training Videos. If you are too far from the microphone then the recorded sound will become less clear, but if it is too close the recorded sound will be too loud and broken.

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