These Are Some Of The Causes That Make Your Air Conditioner Not Release Cold Air

Air Condition (AC) has become one of the most popular electronic devices. In fact, many people use more than one air conditioner in their homes. AC does function to cool the room aircon service singapore. Everyone who uses air conditioning is sure to expect them to get fresh air in their homes. Unfortunately, the AC is sometimes easily damaged. If it’s like this, then you can use services from aircon service singapore. We can help you deal with problems with your AC.

One problem that often occurs in air conditioners is that the air conditioner is not cold. Actually, there is a reason why your air conditioner can’t get cold air out.

You don’t clean the AC filter regularly
One element that supports AC performance in delivering cold temperatures is an AC filter. Filters are useful for filtering out impurities in air conditioning. Over time, the dirt will clog the filter so that the cold air cannot penetrate out.

Dirty AC condenser
Not only filters, but dirty AC condensers can also cause AC to not cool. The condenser is located on the outside of the air conditioner which is useful for heating refrigerant gas (freon) at a certain temperature. Same with filters, if the condenser is dirty, he will not be able to carry out his duties to the maximum that is doing the cooling process.

A leaky refrigerant
Refrigerant is a gas that is useful in the process of cooling the room. The famous brand of refrigerant is Freon so that refrigerants are better known to the public by the word freon. Freon that runs out can be the cause of not cold air conditioning. Its characteristics are the freezing of ice on the AC pipe, the AC leaking, and a hissing sound due to leakage.

You have to use the AC service so that the problem can be addressed properly.

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