You Can Try These Tips To Wash The Inside Of Your Car And Its Tires

For how to properly wash the interior, you don’t need enough water, just a little soapy water to rinse the car’s interior using a sponge/lap. The interior of the dirty car is usually caused by stains left by palms, shoes, food, and drinks. Additionally, you can also call the best read more here if you’re too busy to maintain your car by yourself.

Do not use bleach detergent to clean the car inside.

Leave the car door open to facilitate the evaporation process that occurs.

How to wash the engine parts

We enter the most sensitive part of the car, the engine. How to properly wash the car for this part of the machine is needed the right and careful way. Inside there are machine parts that machines that cannot be exposed to water such as parts, cables, and sensors. Make sure you clean the machine with a water flow that is not too hard because the spark plug if it is exposed to water, will cause the engine cannot be turned on or stuck.

To remove grease or oil attached to the machine, you can use washing soap or kerosene.

Tips to wash your car tires

Tires are very easily exposed to dirt due to they are the components of a car that directly touches the ground surface. It’s easy for dirt to attach itself to your car’s tires.

To clean the tire rim, use the appropriate soap. Rim that has color needs to be washed with appropriate soap, while for rim metal use regular soap.

If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a threaded brush.

If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a fiber brush.

Those are some ways to properly wash the inside and tires of the car. If you really pay attention to the tips above in washing your car, it is expected that your car will be clean without stains and your car’s components such as paint and engine are well maintained.

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