You Must Know About Recruitment Process Before You Apply For A Job

There are situations where you wonder why you don’t pass the selection, while a friend isn’t better than you actually graduated. On the contrary, a friend who you think is competent is declared unable to proceed to the next selection stage jobs through jobcentre. The answer is that it could be because of the way each individual is different. You should know that attitudes toward the application process also determine success.

For those of your job applicants, it is important to know the recruitment and selection process so that it can pass step by step well. There are two processes that must be passed if you want to join the company you want, namely recruitment and selection. Do you choose the job centre online when you have an idea of applying for a job online?

Recruitment is the process of attracting and gathering applicants who have the potential and competence to fill a position, while a selection is a process of selecting the most suitable individual among all candidates applying for the position. In short, your application file will enter the selection process if it has been collected according to the company’s needs. Then what are the important things to know from these two processes?

There are many file applications that come in. In other words, you are not the only candidate or job applicant in the company. The use of social media makes information on job vacancies massively known by the public. Most companies use online or e-mail portals to collect CVs and job applications. This also makes it easy for registrants. As a result, registrants for these vacancies can also be very overwhelming. Your job application file may be only one of the many files that enter, while the HR ability is not sufficient to select all files. Then, how do you increase the chances that your files can be read and processed? The trick is to make sure to send your application as soon as possible when you find out about the job

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